Welcome to Runa, a high vibration online community just for women where goddesses of today come to convene! I would like to share the journey of Runa and she gradually unfolds as she was meant to be re-introduced to the world at a time when we need it more than ever.


Months ago, I was listening to a gorgeous guided meditation called “Cry Like a Girl” by British artist and good friend Sabrina John. As I listened to this meditation, I was moved to tears at the invitation to let out a cry I that I didn’t even know I was suppressing. As a seemingly fearless, driven business woman, I had this fleeting sense of aloneness that many of us can identify with but few of us speak of. Then, the words became immediately comforting, reminding me of three special women who were the center of my world as child: my mom, step mom and grandmother. Until that moment, I had long forgotten that feeling of deep maternal comfort and love. As I listened, I wondered, “Why does this feeling have to end when we lose our moms and grandmoms? When did we women stop being there for each other?”

I considered the political climate and the stark division at both the country and global level. There are so many wounded people out there, and it stems from us being disconnected from each other, and ourselves. It simply needs to change.

At that time, I had already written my first book, Rune Reading for the Modern Woman. I was experimenting with prototypes for the Runa jewelry line. My hope was to draw women inwards to explore who they are, and help them find their voice with courage and confidence. But on a deeper level, I knew it had to go deeper than that. Once we women have each “done our work” and cleared out those proverbial cobwebs, we need to come together to lift each other up and to provide support just as our mothers and grandmothers have done when we were young. Why should that level of love and support end just because we are now adults? It shouldn’t.


The shift the world needs right now begins with us as we collectively bring our divide wisdom, compassion and love to each other first, and then to the world. The ancient power of Runa, and the Goddess Freya, are here to help us do just that as we use them to know and love ourselves, then share what we learn with others.

I hope you enjoy Runa in all her glorious forms… the book, the app, the inspiration cards, the stones, and of course the evolving jewelry line. This is only the beginning!

Much Love,