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Often, we feel safe because of the things we have or, the people around us and the place where we live. Our feeling of well-being comes from our possessions and a societal definition of what it means to “be rich”. Many emphasize external forms of wealth rather than an internal feeling of wealth. 

However, the external forms of wealth such as the car we drive, the jewelry we wear, or the home in which we live can be fleeting. The “things” we have today can be gone tomorrow. We may have “it all” but still feel unfulfilled inside. 

The time has come to explore what is inside of you.  To recast your view of what wealth and possessions are, in order to truly reflect the genuine wealth of what is inside of you. Perhaps you are a nurturer, a protector, an artist, or a role model to others. Who you are inside can never be taken away or be lost. Look within and take inventory of the gifts with which you came into this world. Become aware of all the natural talents you possess. Your life isfull of abundance. As you shift your interpretation of wealth to focus on all that makes you special and unique, the more fulfilled and full of joy your life will become.