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Runa Board of Advisors

Please meet the brillance and beauties beind Runa. These goddess-entrepreneurs are changing lives by supporting women through coaching, communication and infinite compassion as we work together to reawaken the Divinine Feminine.


Sara Daves, Intuitive Purpose Coach

Sara is an intuitive purpose coach, teaching women how to clarify their true life’s purpose and step into their authenticity so they can thrive. She coaches women who are ready to embark on their unique journey and facilitates workshops that cover topics of the divine feminine, self-mastery and how to live passionately through your purpose.

As a conflict resolution expert, she facilitates negotiations with couples, families and organizations, to resolve issues at the core level and uncover solutions that benefit everyone involved.


Gina Johnson, Holistic Business Coach

Gina in the business of building Entrepreneur's self-confidence through Business Growth. Gina impacts the world by sharing her gifts and inspiring others to share, not only their business gifts, but also their personal contributions to the world.

Gina has a proven track record of inspiring others to do what lights them up, so they can have an everlasting impact and live life both at work and at home to their fullest.