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A new beginning is on the horizon, with it comes necessary change. Before you can begin this next chapter, you are being called to release the things in your life that no longer fit the person you have become. 

Be honest with yourself about what you desire from this new chapter. Say goodbye to negative patterns, old hurts, and self-limiting beliefs. Leave them behind as you close this current chapter. This act of release creates space for your emotional and spiritual expansion.

It may also be time of where soul-level contracts with others have been fulfilled. That is, there may be people in your life who have been on your journey thus far that are not meant to continue on with you as you move forward. While this may be bittersweet [one word], some goodbyes are necessary and are for the best as you expand and grow.

You are here to live, learn, love, and be the happiest you. It is through releasing what we have outgrown that we make room for beginning anew.