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As we move through life, birth, growth and death are inevitable. However, the pace at which we grow – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – can vary from person to person. Sometimes we underestimate our own growth and overestimate the growth of others. 

When we underestimate our own growth, we may be unnecessarily hard on ourselves and miss how much we've overcome – this is, after all, the process from which we learn. We don't giveourselves credit for the miles we've traveled to get to where we are today. 

When we overestimate the growth of others, we may feel disappointed that they did not meet our expectations. In both cases, we are placing judgment on ourselves and others.  Perhaps we’re missing that we are ALL on a journey and we ALL grow with experience. We cannot force growth on ourselves or others. 

We must understand and accept where we are, each on a unique journey, rather than place expectations on what should be.