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It is time to take the first step towards the change you have been contemplating. Passively waiting for something to move you down this path is not creating the change you seek. Taking an active and assertive disposition is what the Universe requires to deliver to you what it is you want. It is okay not to have a fully baked plan or know exactly how it will all unfold. You don’t have to know all ofthe details, but you do have to do something. Even the smallest step will inspire motion.

If out of self-doubt or fear you have avoided taking a step forward, the time has come to release it. If it is a financial limitation that has delayed you, know there is more than one way you obtain what you want. If you are worried that this change you desire may hurt others, you are being encouraged to think about YOU at this juncture of your life. There is no such thing as the “right time” or “wrong time” for changes. Everything is divinely timed and unfolds as it is supposed to. 

No more thinking. You are supported and loved. It is time for doing. Decide you are ready, then take the leap. It’s time.