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We all possess the ability to experience joy every day. 

Joy is a natural state of being where we feel happy to our core. When we experience joy, we feel deep satisfaction. We are completely present with no regrets about the past or anxiety about the future. We are comfortable to just be. 

However, many of us have mental blocks that prevent us from feeling joy. We may feel mired down with the stress of raising children, financial burden, conflict at work or at school, or disharmony in a personal relationship. While we may not see the choice between feeling stressed or feeling joy as conscious, we possess the ability to choose. 

You can choose to be frustrated while stuck in a traffic jam, or you can choose to turn on the radio and appreciate the unplanned time to sit still enjoying the music. 

Starting with today, see joy as a choice. Joy does not “happen” to you; you can experience joy anytime, as often as you wish. During challenging moments today, close your eyes and ask yourself, “Where is the joy in this moment?”  In a stressful moment at work, can your hot cup of coffee be a moment of joy? Can stepping outside to feel the sun on your face give you a moment of pleasure? 

Bring your awareness to the pleasure the coffee or sunshine brings you. Focus on that feeling and will the stress to leave you. Joy is a choice.