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Modern Goddess TV


Inspired by one of the best kept secrets in Old Norse mythology, the Goddess Freya was celebrated by women seeking divine assistance in love, fertility, and prophecy.  She was also the caretaker of the souls of the most noble fallen soldiers.  She embodied beauty, confidence and nobility.  Why, then, is she known to academics and scholars, but not the modern world?  Odin, Thor and Loki have become household names... yet Freya has no voice, presence or story?

Modern Goddess TV is a channel devoted to women sharing their stories.  We meet real women sharing their stories of triump, heartache, and most importantly perserverance.  In doing so, we learn.  We grow.  We lift each other up. And along the way, we get stronger together.  And as we raise our consciousness as women, we raise the consciousness of humanity.

The divine feminine energy of Freya is in each of us.  The time as come for her story and our stories, to be told.


MGTV 001: The Divine Mirror Meet Author/Entreprenur Debra Lynn, as she shares a behind the scenes look at her soon to be published book The Divine Mirror.