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A door is about to open before you and with it, new possibilities. It is an opportunity that you may miss if you are not aware and listening. Often, when there is a forward motion that we want, we fixate on how we think it needs to unfold. When we do this, we may unintentionally block alternate paths to the outcome we desire. 

For example, if you are unhappy in a current relationship, you may believe you will only be happy and feel fulfilled if you end it completely. The underlying need may be that you want to feel respected by the people in your life. Once you understand this, you may be discover that it is time to speak up and establish boundaries with others rather than walk away from those who unknowingly cross a line with you. 

Be mindful of what it is you want to change in your life and explore why. Be open to how the Universe can provide what you ask. In doing this, you allow multiple openings to deliver what it is that you want. Be open. Be mindful. Be present. A new beginning awaits you in a form you may not have yet considered.