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A new union is coming your way and requires a level of cooperation on your part to achieve the joy you are seeking at this stage of your life. While you can achieve much of what you desire on your own, it is time to allow someone inside of the walls you have built around your heart. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, it is okay to be vulnerable. You are not meant to be on this leg of your journey alone. This union may take on the form of a new close friend, a new partner in a business endeavor, or as a romantic partner. Whatever form this union takes, be open to it. 

This union will have an energy of its own, different than any other relationship inyour past. Resist comparing it or judging it against previous experiences. With your growth has come expansion. No longer do relationships define who you are. They are instead an enhancement to your life.

Allow your light to shine bright from the inside out. Notice who you attract into your life and allow new bonds to form. You are ready for this.