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Life can be complicated and overwhelming at times. You move so fast and are responsible for so much. You put the needs of others before own so much so that you are missing YOU deep down. You may perceive doing something nice for yourself as unnecessary. This is not the case. You matter. You deserve to treat yourself as well as you treat others. When this happens, it is an opportunity to take time to re-center and breathe.

Become aware of what it is you want and need in life starting with today. In those fleeting quiet moments when you are alone, really ask yourself what happiness means to you. You need to answer this for yourself before you can express it to others and take action. 

This knowing comes from within The Self, inside of you. Give yourself permission to put YOU first today. It all starts with knowing what it is you want, having the courage to say it out loud, then go for it. You deserve it. It’s time to give back some of that glorious love to you.