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A separation from an existing person, place or thing is required at this time for you to proceed on your journey to happiness. This may be a habit or limiting belief that is outdated and no longer serves you. It may be someone in your life whose values are no longer aligned with yours, or who you are today. 

As we expand and grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, our vibration changes. The more we learn and the more compassionate we, our vibration raises, and as a result, we may outgrow some elements in our lives. Things that are at a lower vibration no longer feel good to us which is our soul’s way of telling us it is okay to move on.

Releasing what no longer matches your higher, happier vibration will provide room for you to see what changes you want to incorporate into your life moving forward. While this separation from what you know may cause initial discomfort, it allows space for new experiences and greater happiness as you proceed in your journey.