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Our intuition speaks to us in many ways… through dreams, hunches, fleeting thoughts, creative bursts and even through other people. On a daily basis, we are surrounded by signals and signs that we can easily miss if we are not aware of all the elements around us.

This Rune invites you to connect to your own intuitive channel, so you can navigate through life with more ease. Become more aware when thoughts, ideas or inspirations come to you seemingly out of the blue. Similar to a GPS, this is what it feels like to tap into our very own Divine Guidance System. Our Higher Self is constantly sending us messages, pointing us to the path of least resistance. 

The more you are open to these intuitive messages that are transmitted to you, the more messages you will receive. Spend ten minutes alone in a quiet place today. Take three deep breaths with your eyes closed and practice asking for messages from your Higher Self. Ask “What do I need to know today?”, or “How can I solve this conflict?” 

Ask any question and the answer will be given in some form. Be open to how your question is answered. Trust the first answer you get to be the right one, as it is coming from the very best source…inside of you.