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The depth of your strength runs deep. You have overcome so many challenges in your life that have made you stronger, steadier, and more capable. Often, it is not until we are challenged in some way that we have an opportunity to see for ourselves how strong we actually are. 

This Rune invites you to take a moment to look back at the road behind you, and all ofthe experiences in your life from which you’ve persevered. Reflect on how far you’ve come, then share the wisdom of what you’ve learned with others who feel scared or weak at this time.

The world today needs you to continue to build on your strength, speak your truth and teach others to do the same. We can allow adversity to crush our spirit or to make us stronger. You have chosen to become stronger along your journey. You now are beginning to understand that strength is a self-cultivated gift.

Give yourself a hug today for all you have risen above and pay it forward by sharing your life experiences with someone in need so they can become stronger, too. 

You have all the strength you need and will always persevere.