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Quieting your mind and stilling your body are skills you must master. Learning to be completely present in conversations, when doing a task, or relaxing,will greatly aid in your emotional wellbeing. Regret about the past inhibits the joy you can feel in the now. Anxiety about the future creates fear and can paralyze us from moving forward.

Release the warrior within. The warrior is completely present. She quietly scans her environment and takes in her surroundings. She doesn’t anticipate or fret. She is and serene on the inside and outside. Should trouble arise, she is ready to act. Her power stems from her ability to simply be. 

In your mind’s eye, see yourself as the warrior. Confident. Present. Strong. Let go of any fleeting thoughts or tendency to multi-task. Focus on the moment you are in and notice how different you feel. This will require practice, but it is a task you can master. Embrace your warrior-goddess within.