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We are all here embarking on our own unique journeys with a goal of staying in spiritual alignment. When we are in perfect alignment, we are connected to the Universe, our Higher Selves, and our divine maker. In alignment, we feel fulfilled and at peace. This is our natural state as spiritual beings. 

Then life comes at us in harsh and unexpected ways. When we feel anger, sadness, rejection, or loneliness, it is a cue that we have slipped into misalignment and have become disconnected from our soul. We try so hard to simply get through the day. 

And then… we sleep. With sleep comes an energetic reset. We awake in the morning and breathe a new breath. We understand we made it through another day. We walked another mile. We overcame another obstacle. We start the day again in spiritual alignment. 

If you are feeling down today, take a moment to meditate or simply nap. Through meditation and rest, we can bring ourselves back into this feeling of wholeness and alignment. The more you practice shifting yourself back to wholeness, the easier for you it will be to remain aligned and feel whole.